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Literacy/English Language Development (ELD) Websites

The websites below are periodically reviewed to ensure that the content is useful, reliable, and current. Tutors and teachers can use the following resources: I Need English For, Beginner Assessment, and Class Participation Rubric, to determine student needs and goals for learning progress.

For more information, contact Jean Demas, Literacy Librarian, or 630-971-1675, x1002.


Citizenship Corner | Dictionaries | Education | Grammar
Jobs | Language | Life Skills | Reading | Stories

Citizenship Corner

Dictionaries & Idioms

  • EZ Slang: Master the meanings of popular idioms and slang that are difficult for English language learners
  • Idioms for You: Site contains all types of idiom information for ELD learners; ELD worksheets and vocabulary lessons for intermediate and advanced levels; exercises on idioms
  • Learners Dictionary: Online dictionary from Merriam-Webster including word of the day, quizzes and core vocabulary
  • Word Reference: Online word translator from English to many other languages and from other languages to English

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General ELD Teaching Resources

  • ELD Lesson Plans By Grade Level: Free worksheets for ELD lessons with new worksheets and activities added weekly
  • Family Worksheets: Printable worksheets by age and category including family activities
  • Flashcards: Create versatile flashcards to print, cut, fold, and study
  • Internet TESL Journal: Classroom activities, games, and articles on teaching techniques
  • Worksheets: Printable worksheets and lesson plans sorted by category on technology site

Grades PreK-2 for ELD

  • Kiz Club: Stories and worksheets about a variety of topics for grades 1-3
  • Literacy Center Educational Network: An early childhood language learning site including French, Spanish, and German translations
  • Starfall: Reading instruction and reading games for students in Pre-K-1
  • Teaching Resources: Online free and interesting teaching resources on many topics from the U.S. Department of Education for children of all ages

Grades 2-5 for ELD

  • Children's Learning Network: Educational videos for students
  • English for Everyone: Printable worksheets available for many teaching strategies starting with alphabetization, grammar, basic reading, writing, computer fundamentals and more
  • Funbrain: Stories for advanced beginners
  • Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government: U.S. Government information and social studies games, hosted by a jovial Ben Franklin
  • PBS Kids Travel: See Buster’s adventures from various places in the U.S. including a video, audio, map skills and games for each U.S. city

Grades 5-8 for ELD

  • Brainteasers: Science and health fun page from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  • Listen and Learn: Designed for older students to help with pronunciation and listening activities, including minimal pairs and parts of speech
  • Translations: Use Google Translate for learning words and phrases from a foreign language to English or English to a foreign language
  • Vocabulary: A collection of English vocabulary word lists and games

Grades 9-12 for ELD and Adult Basic Education/ELD

  • English Club: Helps students to learn English and instructors to teach English; includes lessons for learners and teachers, including fun pages like games, quizzes, and chat
  • ESL Gold: Provides thousands of free resources and information for both students and teachers; all materials are organized by skill level for quick and easy access to speaking, vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, flashcards and other practice pages
  • ELD Lesson Plans for Adult Classes: Find games, crossword puzzles, power point presentations and more on this site
  • GED Prep: GED/HiSet preparation including study guides, practice tests and flashcards to earn a high school diploma
  • Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students: A very large collection of quizzes for English study

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  • Business English: Over 200 free exercises covering a wide variety of Business English topics (accounting, sales & marketing, information technology, medical English, general business English and many others); includes two listening comprehension sections (video and audio), as well as a special section to practice business English grammar
  • Clear Pronunciation 2: Learn to speak English with confidence! This program covers consonat clusters, word stress, sentence stress, connected speech, and intonation. CP2 also includes and online recorder so users can record their speech and then compare it to the correct pronunciation.
  • ELD PDFs: Over 200 free English grammar and vocabulary worksheets for the classroom or self-study; includes special sections such as phrasal verb training and holidays
  • Grammar Guide: Build English grammar and vocabulary skills
  • Learn English: ELD portal with a wide variety of exercises and resources for students and teachers of English; over 300 free grammar and vocabulary exercises, 120 free printable grammar worksheets, media-based listening comprehension exercises, lists of American idioms and phrasal verbs, an English for Travelers section, and much more
  • Train your Accent: Listen to short recorded speeches on various topics to help reduce the accents in new English language speakers

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  • All About Work: Includes job searching tips, getting ready for interviews, health and safety at work, employment rights, and how to handle office meetings and presentations
  • English for the Job: English practice exercises for hospitality industry workers, with separate sections for those working in the hotel, restaurant, and travel/tourism industries; includes a special politeness training section
  • Illinois Worknet: Use this site to find a job, connect to job training to improve your skills and receive email notices about jobs that match your needs
  • worknetDupage: Local site for job training, job seeking, and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) grants for occupational training

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  • Activities for ELD Students: Vocabulary, bilingual quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help adults learn English
  • English as a Second Language Home Page: A starting point for ELD learners who want to study English using the Web; contains a lightly annotated directory of links in categories including listening and speaking; reading with understanding; grammar and writing; ELD-related information; English language schools; and more ELD sites
  • English Club: Helps students to learn English and instructors to teach English; includes lessons for learners and teachers, including fun pages like games, quizzes, and chat
  • LEARN: LEARN, Libraries English and Reading Network, offers resources on its website for ELD and basic reading adults and tutors; marketing tools for promoting English language learning in Libraries
  • Literacy DuPage: Local agency for ELD and adult basic education offers tutor training, adult learner assignment to a tutor and sponsors English Conversation Groups at local libraries
  • Peoples Resource Center: Community agency providing basic skills tutoring, computer training, food pantry and other resources
  • TEACH: Receive ELD or basic skills tutoring at different suburb locations and also train to become a tutor though the Congregation of St. Joseph Church ministry
  • Topics: An online magazine for English language learners where they can express their ideas and opinions on topics of interest to them such as international foods, festivals, dances, superstitions, proverbs and more
  • Tune Into Learning: General language site to help adults gain skills they need to achieve their educational, career, and personal goals

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Life Skills

  • Building Conversations: Practice conversation skills through questions under many topics such as food/eating, school, secrets, animals/pets, goals, healthcare and more
  • Computer Basics: Learn how to use a computer, Facebook, email, Word, Skype and other features with online courses in English and Spanish; register for a free password at this service from the Chicago Public Library
  • ESL America: Comprehensive site includes information about safety, health, nutrition, banking, shopping, computers and government
  • GFC LearnFree: Check out this site to learn about everyday life skills such as shopping, basic math, banking, how to use computers and more
  • Illinois Driver License Practice Tests: Use this site for practice tests to pass the written part of the driver license exam; tests are also available in Spanish
  • Money Management: Site uses clear and simple language to explain a variety of money related topics including why to use a bank, choosing a bank, information about checking and savings accounts, and Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)
  • USA Learns: Helps adult learners understand how to ask questions, read signs, speak to doctors, and to communicate in English about life skill needs

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  • Guide to English Phonetic System: A comprehensible step-by-step guide to the English Phonetic System including an interactive International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) chart.
  • Learning Using the News: Provided by CNN, adults can read, view, or listen to current news stories. Reading and vocabulary activities are included with each story
  • Marshall Adult Education: Improve reading by using the research strategies of repeated reading and guided oral reading, aid in building adult learners' fluency, and increasing comprehension skills
  • New York Times Learning Network: Learn about United States current events and more using the New York Times learning network
  • News For You Online: Easy to read weekly online newspaper including participation in polls, teachers’ guides, voting guides to learn about upcoming political elections and new vocabulary words; Password: D812FC

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  • Center for the Study of Adult Literacy: Adult stories in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels including topics such as health, food, babies, teenagers, families, history and others
  • ESL Voices: Learners can read many classic short stories by authors such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and others
  • ESL Writing: Help learners improve their writing using short stories
  • ESL Yes: More than 1600 stories in beginner and intermediate levels that include games, puzzles and the ability to listen to the audio parts at normal and slow speeds
  • Stories Read By VIP's: A terrific site with stories read by actors from the ScreenActors' Guild; Grades 1-4

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